About Rich Armstrong

The origin story

In 2022 I began calling myself an artist. This changed everything. I began creating like the 6 year old me sitting at his little white art table. For the joy of it. I rediscovered my inner kid. I began spending more time on my “doodles”. I began selling them as NFTs. Then I began doing murals. And clothing. And appearing on Adobe Live. And I feel I still have so much more to share, and so much more to learn.

Before this I’d called myself many things—entrepreneur, workshop facilitator, author, teacher, product designer, animator—basically a unicorn. I still call myself these things from time to time, but I feel like I’m an artist at my core. I love creativity. I love creating. I love making. I have a vivid imagination. I have ADHD—which responds really well to drawing. So this is me.

TapTapKaboom used to be my artist alias

What ideas & topics does my work cover?

  • Dreamy-type stuff.
  • Happiness.
  • Happy Suns, birds, clouds.
  • ADHD.
  • Us creating the way we do because of all the artists and geniuses in the past.
  • Us creating by responding to the world around us.

What else do I do?

Besides drawing and doodling, I facilitate workshops, teach creative classes, and head up TapTapKaboom where we teach people tech stuff in fun ways. I’ve also written a book published by RockyNook.

  • If you’d like to get in touch, tap here.
  • This is a great article about myself and The Doodleverse on the Avalanche blog.

I used to call myself TapTapKaboom. Now I’m going by Rich Armstrong.
TapTapKaboom is where we teach people tech stuff in fun ways—like how to hand-code your first website.

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