The Doodleverse

You Want Weird Right!?

The Doodleverse is a dream-like universe comprised of multiple dimensions, and is a mix between a fever dream and a vibrant paradise—it’s certainly not of this world. Meet all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures in a variety of dream-like scenes—trees with eyes, castle clouds, vicious plants, creepy hills, and tons of one-eyed birds! Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s dark. Most of the time it’s weird.

It’s a SOLD OUT collection of 101 unique illustrated an animated NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain. You can view the collection on Joepegs where you can pick up pieces for sale.

A few Doodleverse pieces

Some more Doodleverse pieces

And some more of The Doodleverse

The Doodleverse was my first collection on the Avalanche blockchain. It started off as a 100 Day Project where I created one piece a day. I ended up working on other collections during that 100 Day Project and carried on The Doodleverse well after my 100 Day project had ended.

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