1001 Dreamers Blinded by Clouds Wrapped Around Their Heads

With blinding clouds wrapped around their heads, Dreamheadz have lost more than their sight. Their friends call them crazy. The authorities believe they’re addicts. But it’s worth it. They’re navigating dreams and building new worlds using their imaginations alone.

Dreamheadz is a SOLD OUT 1001 PFP collaboration project between Rich and CloudHeadz. Dreamheadz fits into an evolving Doodleverse storyline, where “Dreamers” have learned how to navigate the dreamy worlds—they’ve even found The Realm of Dreams, the epicentre of The Doodleverse. It’s here that this story takes place—1001 Dreamheadz are addicted to The Realm of Dreams. It’s a place they can imagine and shape and build. It’s a place where they can create the world of their dreams.

The collection comprises of 19 pieces made by 14 other artists; 13 legendary pieces made by me, that contain at least one unique attribute; 33 pieces that have hand-picked attributes, a name and a little story attached to them; and 936 unnamed pieces that have attributes randomly generated by an algorithm used on Bueno.art. The collection belongs as NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain.

Legendary Items

The 13 legendary Dreamheadz include characters like King Cloud, Peachy, Prince of Cool, Poof, Benny Squareface, and Captain Octo. They each come with a story and unique set of attributes, making them super rare in the collection.

A few legendary Dreamheadz

Named Items

Each of the 33 named Dreamheadz comes with a story, and their attributes were hand-picked. They’re good-looking and often rarer than most. There’s Bluey, Dazey and Doc Robocloud. There’s Blaze, Spacey, and Princess Peggy Purple. And of course there’s Golden Boy, Naked Nick, and Jimmy Secrets.

Some of the named Dreamheadz

Artist Custom Items

I love collaborating with artists. And with Dreamheadz, 14 artists created their custom Dreamheadz. These are the ultimate rare pieces in the collection.

Some of the artist customs

The Process

All the traits were hand-drawn in Procreate. There were tons of traits. If all possibilities were produced, there would be millions, maybe even billions of combinations. I used Bueno.art to create the combinations, add names, add, descriptions, create the legendaries, and create rules for the best outcomes in the collection. This is where most collections would stop.

What I did next was download the metadata, and use it to recreate the collection using Processing with a few things in mind: the little clouds needed to cast shadows only on the foreground subject; the little clouds needed to be randomly rotated and positioned; some little clouds needed happy faces; and there needed to be a random amount of little clouds. I created a script that did all this. The script also saved a new image and its metadata. The process wasn’t completely random though. I went through the whole collection one-by-one and flipped through iterations of cloud position, rotation, and amount, until I was happy with each item’s little clouds.

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