Mantanani Coral Reef

Vinyl Sticker Illustration

The Mantanani Coral Reef is dear to Jan, the owner of Cloud Gallery and Essential Glasses. So, with an opening exhibtion night of Malaysian art coming up, I was commissioned to create a doodled coral reef for one of the storefront’s windows.

After deciding not to paint with acrylic on the window, we chose to go with a vinyl sticker. I illustrated both a left and right reef in Adobe Fresco, and then exported the vectors to Illustrator. We felt that one side was enough—it left room to peer inside (and out) while brining colour and fun to the storefront.

Some closeups

We had to jump through some hoops to get it printed at short notice. It wasn’t as big as we wanted, and we had to install it ourselves—in the wind! But it came out epically.

  • Check out Cloud Gallery and their upcoming exhibitions.
  • Have a look at Essential Glasses. €10 of each purchase goes to clearing up Mantanani’s beaches.

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