“Just Start” They Say

This advice doesn’t help unless you know what it looks like

Of course I want to start.
I just don’t know how.
Or where.
I have a million ideas running around in my head.


About several projects.

What are you waiting for?
The stars to align?

Something like that.
I’m just waiting.

Just start.

I would if it were so easy.

Just start.

But how?

I know you have a project you want to complete, a skill you want to learn, or a habit you want to nail down. Maybe you have a few on this list. But for some reason it’s still on your list. You’ve made no progress. It’s been waiting there for a while. Maybe you started it, but can’t get back into it. People tell you to “Just start”. People ask what you’re waiting for. I don’t find this helpful, unless you know what Just Starting looks like.

I made a short class about this—it’s 22 minutes long. And it covers getting started. The basics are like this:

  1. State what you really really want to do. Like really really.
  2. Find your motive for wanting to do it.
  3. Only pursue something when you have a good motive. It helps in the long run.
  4. Get it all out on paper—every single thought, idea, worry, question, detail, connection. All out.
  5. Write down what needs to be done next.
  6. Give yourself an easily achievable period of time to work on your project per day. 10 minutes is fine.
  7. Schedule that time into your calendar.
  8. Think of ways to make it even easier.
  9. Now start. The class expounds on the above, and includes 5 exercises to guide and prompt you. You’ll need a pen and paper.

I made this class to help you transition into someone who starts the things you really want to do. Important things, life-altering things, creative projects, and helpful habits.

Come check it out.

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