Wait. What? R NFTs DeAd?

People keep telling me “NFTs R deAd.” Or they ask “R NFTs DeAd?” They’re not. They’re forever. They’re culture. They’re change. They’re the future.

People and brands and metas enter the arena. Some die. Web3 is Game of Thrones. You can’t get attached to anything. No one rules forever. The rules keep changing. Powerful forces are at play. There’s always a new scheme to make money—a new meta. SocialFi. GameFi. DeFi. GambleFi. Looking back, was it “ArtFi” that made NFTs take off? Was art turned into a ponzi scheme? Was it always a ponzi scheme?

R NFTs DeAd? Nah. Maybe the NFTs with no artistic value. Maybe the NFTs bought solely for quick profits. Because attached to Art tokens is Art. Art has been around for ever. And NFTs make Art eternal. While ArtFi may be DeAd, Art lives on. Art creates culture. Art challenges the norms. Art tells stories. Art moves people. Art inspires. Art is the future.

To celebrate Halloween, and the “death of NFTS”, I created 4 mixed-media pieces that explore death, dreams, and doodles.


  • 4628 x 6545 px (slightly smaller than A2 size) 300dpi
  • Mediums: Photography, Printer, Scanner, Procreate, Photoshop, Adobe Fresco
  • Mint for 0.01Ξ - 4 x Open editions - Minting closes on Nov 2
  • Mint all 4 and get airdropped a final piece

R DeAd #1

Posted on 23 Oct 2023 in Projects and Illustration #nft #for-sale

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