It’s An Exercise to Boost Your Creativity

It’s crazy. We live in an era where the grey squishy thing in our skull plays a major role in all aspects of our lives—in work, our personal lives, our decision making, in productivity, in efficacy, and especially in our creativity. Yet rarely do we give it the workout it needs 😅

I believe everyone has the capacity to be creative, come up with brilliant ideas, think differently and have super-productive and effective days. We just need to give our number one tool a consistent daily workout! Boost your creativity by making your grey squishy thing sweat!

And that’s why I developed the Random Word Doodle. It’s a 10-day course, where you doodle for a short amount of time everyday. Each day you learn about the benefits of the practice. You can take the course in book, email, or video format. And you don’t have to stop after 10 days.

I’ve doodled for 100 days in a row before, as have many of my 10 thousand+ students. The difference I saw in my creativity and motivation was crazy. There are tons of benefits to doodling for starters, and when you combine it with doodling random words in a short period of time, there are even more benefits. And then throw in sharing, experimentation and a few other things and you’ve got a super workout for your brain.

I’ve also created a free app that gives you random words to doodle. It’s fun and hopefully brings out a doodling mood.

20 July 2023 Update: the app is no longer available to download. But the same functionality exists in the prompts section of this website.

There’s a bunch of ways you can get started

  • You can take the video class on Skillshare.
  • I made a creative prompt that generates random words for you.
  • There’s a book I wrote all about doodling random words. It also includes a whole bunch of my 100-day doodles in it.

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