RIP TapTapKaboom

A man has a new name

In a moment of clarity I knew I had to let go of the TapTapKaboom name. It needed to transform into a business. With focus and clarity. Just as I needed to be more authentic and stop trying to teach everything to everyone under the TapTapKaboom name and be an artist under the same name. It was too much. It was too confusing.

So. TapTapKaboom is becoming a real business—one that teaches tech stuff in easy, approachable and fun ways. Makes sense right!? Tap. Tap. Kaboom.

Also! TapTapKaboom, despite being an epic name, didn’t make sense as an artist’s name. People called me TapTap, or just Tap. It was weird. Another problem I had was teaching a broad range of skills and topics—coding, animation, drawing, art, creativity, productivity, design. I found it difficult to stick to one thing. I’m ADHD, what do you expect? But it also meant that anyone who followed me for one topic would find me communicating about other topics they weren’t into.

So! I decided to create a new entity focusing on the thing I found easiest to talk about—it’s also the most popular thing I teach. It’s what I’ve been doing professionally since 2008: designing and coding websites. This way a lot more of what I had to say around these topics would be relevant. But this new entity needed a name.

After weeks of searching for names, I landed at TapTapKaboom. Which is a perfect name for a brand focused on tech—websites, apps, UX, UI, coding. All in a fun and approachable way.

At this point it felt like the universe had given me a break. Things clicked into place. I knew there was a bunch of things I had to change (and probably still need to change). It didn’t matter. Things made sense again.

So, this is how my business world is structured:

  • TapTapKaboom. A brand that teaches tech-related stuff in a fun and approachable way—coding, UX, UI, websites, apps.
  • Rich Armstrong. The artist. Who illustrates, doodles and creates. And who teaches art-related stuff from a personal, authentic perspective.

Posted on 05 Apr 2024 in Success #branding #news

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