On That Ass Boxer Short Pattern

It’s quite a thing designing and illustrating a pattern that’s gonna go on dudes’ butts. But I did it. And tons of boys and men across Europe have my design on their butts thanks to the boxer short subscription service On That Ass. The tricky bit was having to use vector without any gradients. It was quite a step away from my recent comfortzone of The Doodleverse style. They also made some sweet socks to go with the boxer shorts.

The boxer shorts unboxed

Below: the socks.

Below: the original pattern, designed in Adobe Fresco and Adobe Illustrator.

The On That Ass team came up with a great campaign and visuals for the design too.

Whether they sent a man into outer space is debatable—I do, however, like to think my design has been where I haven’t

Below are some details of the actual boxer shorts.

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