Take a Small Step

Help your ideas take form

I often have a seed of an idea. It inspires me. I’m excited. So I think about it—a lot. I spend more time thinking about it than working on it. I don’t play with it. I don’t explore it. In fact, I hardly do anything at all. I think about it—a lot. Of how it could be more—bigger, better, awesome-er. I make it such a big thing that it becomes impossible to start. Because when I start it won’t be like what I see in my mind. When I start it will be wrong. When I start it will suck. When I start I won’t be anywhere near completing it, or achieving what I saw in my mind. When I start it may lead to something different and unexpected. When I start people will judge me. When I start I will judge myself. When I start I’ll need to commit. When I start I’ll need to say no to other things. When I start, this will be my thing. How will it fit into what I’m currently doing? How will it fit into my brand? My strategy? What will people think? Will I have time for it? What if it gets really big?

Of course it’s easier to not start. To bottle it up. To wait for a better time. A perfect time. For when you have more time. For when you have some free time.

Ideas. Plans. Dreams. They’re fun. They feel nice. They like to bobble about in our heads. They mean nothing. They’re worth nothing. Unless they take form. When they take form you’ll have more to work with.

Take the next step. A small step.

Write a list. Set a timer. Work on this thing for 10 minutes. No—don’t think about it for 10 minutes. Work it on for 10 minutes. Play with it. Explore it. Unleash it. Edit it. Try it. Show it to someone. Contact someone. Ask someone.

I don’t know what your next small step looks like. But I know how it feels to take it. It feels humbling. Powerful. Fun. Exciting. Surprising. It gives me energy. It scares me. It makes me smile.

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