The 12 Principles of Animation

Bring Your Animations to Life

The 12 Principles of Animation bring life and magic into your animation ✨ The principles were developed in the 1930s! but they still hold true today—thank goodness 😅 The video below, made by Cento Lodigiani, is a brief and animated overview of what you can find in The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation, a book by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.

Cento Lodigiani’s take on the principles.

There is a fantastic Skillshare class on the topic by Emanuele Colombo. It’s called The Art of Animation: How to Create Lifelike Movement. For more animation posts and classes, check out the animation category, as well as all the amazing animation classes on Skillshare.

Posted on 03 Apr 2020 in Animation #theory

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