Art Made With Code

Genny is a new and different kind of magic to The Doodleverse. The collection’s made up of an ever increasing amount of generative art. Generative art is art that’s made with code. I’m using Processing and p5.js to create the pieces. Each piece is derived from an algorithm I’ve written.

New algorithms are introduced every few weeks, making this a collection of collections of generative art. The things that tie each piece together are the colours and the artist.

Most Gennys are designed at a massive size—perfect for printing. I’d love to see you print, frame, and share your Gennys with me and the community. Other Gennys are animated. When this is the case I’ve generated frames, compiled them together and exported a video file.

I began creating art with code again when I grew tired of drawing every day—maybe I was even slightly burned out. And it’s done wonders for my creativity. Creating with the other side of my brain, or perhaps a mixture of both sides, feels different. It’s mathematical. It’s random. And it’s producing a different type of beauty. And I have so many ideas for generative art!

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