Doodle Pantz

Customisable NFT Pantz!

Doodle Pantz is a collaborative and experimental NFT collection. The NFTs in most collections cannot be changed—their image, description, title, and attributes are immutable. Fixed. Set-in-stone. But with Doodle Pantz, the image and the attributes are customisable. Which means owner and artist can collaboarte to design a sweet pair of $Pantz. Each $Pantz token can be customised only once. Once you’ve got your regular $Pantz and you’re ready to customise it, send it over and we can begin the process! The size of the collection will only be 36 items.

There are 6 styles: briefs, bikini, boxers, boyshorts, hipster, and trunks. You can see them below.

How It Works

  • When you’re ready, transfer your $Pantz NFT to 0x767dC13B7C297b214489d7324652830570A5A108
  • Get in touch with me, either on Twitter or Discord, and we’ll collaborate on your $Pantz customisation.
  • When it’s customised I’ll send it back to the wallet address it was sent from and lock the customisation ability to prevent any further changes.

Posted on 14 Jun 2023 in Projects and Illustration #nft #for-sale

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